Studies on the Bioenhancing Effects of Red Onions and Other Nutrients on the Absorption of Epigallocatechin Gallate from Green Tea Extract in Human Volunteers

Anup Kale1, Sonia Gawande1, Swati Kotwal1, Shrirang Netke2, Waheed Roomi2, Vadim Ivanov2, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki2 and Matthias Rath2
Post Graduate Department of Biochemistry, University of Nagpur, Nagpur, M.S. 440033, India1; 
Dr Matthias Rath Institute of Cellular Research,1260 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050, US2

Presented at: 
2nd International Conference on Tumor Progression & Therapeutic Resistance, Boston, September 18-20, 2005

Published in: 
2nd International Conference on Tumor Progression & Therapeutic Resistance Proceedings, page 89.



Consumption of high amounts of tea has been associated with lower incidence of stomach cancer. Furthermore, In vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer activity of green tea, black tea and their active constituents. However, plasma levels of EGCG after human consumption of green tea products indicate poor absorption of EGCG. We sought to determine if EGCG absorption could be enhanced with red onion (quercetin) supplementation. The results demonstrated that increasing the amount of quercetin given along with EGCG could increase absorption of EGCG from the intestine. Thus, the anticancer activity of the nutrient mixture (EF) can be enhanced with quercetin intake by increasing plasma levels of EGCG.