Dr. Rath’s breakthroughs in Cellular Medicine and vitamin research provide the scientific basis for building a new healthcare system, which will focus on disease prevention and allow people around the world to liberate themselves from pharmaceutical dependency.

Since the largest health epidemics, including heart disease and cancer, are the result of chronic deficiencies of essential nutrients in the cells of the human body they can become preventable by natural means. Many other health problems affecting people in the developing world and in other countries found their root causes in improper nutrition, environmental pollution and micronutrient deficiencies to which pharmaceutical approaches do not offer effective solutions. read more...

The health care change on a global scale has to include comprehensive health education, starting from a preschool age and including people of all age and education levels.  The health education should include all aspects important for maintaining health: knowing the function of a human body from the level of cells, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, healthy environment and many others.

Dr. Rath has dedicated his life work to establish a new healthcare system based on disease prevention and application of effective, safe and affordable natural health therapies as the basic measure in controlling various health pathologies. The various elements and roadblocks  leading to a new health care system has been described at the Dr. Rath Health Foundation website and its particular details outlined at numerous conferences and meetings with scientists, medical doctors, politicians and patients conducted over many years in many countries of the world. The most recent summary of this healthcare has been presented in the Barletta Declaration, a presentation by Dr. Rath in the Italian city Barletta, in December, 2014. less