Dr. Rath is a powerful and motivating speaker. He has traveled around the world to speak before public audiences and distinguished members of the medical community to explain the scientific foundation of Cellular Medicine. Dr. Rath has inspired hope in people battling cardiovascular disease and cancer that these and other chronic medical conditions can be controlled and even reversed with nutrients.

Select Dr. Rath Speeches

The Barletta Declaration: Making Natural Preventive Health a Human Right
Most recent outline of the basis of establishing a new health care system on a global scale.
Barletta, Italy (2014)  

Dr Rath Call to the People of Germany and Europe
Dr. Rath sends the appeal to the people of Germany and Europe to take responsibility for building a democratic Europe for the People and by the People. He describes how scientific research on natural remedies make it clear that the incidence of common diseases can now be reduced to a fraction of their current occurrence and explains the basis  of a new global health care system, based on the prevention and elimination of diseases.
Berlin, Germany (2012)

 Dr Rath “Movement of Life” lecture

DR. Rath explains how the fundamental forces of life and human dignity have shaped our world, how the Chemical Cartel made three attempts at world conquest and the historic role of the 'Movement of Life' as the basis for the liberation of mankind from its dependencies upon the Cartel.
Warsaw, Poland (2011)

Cancer Can Be Beaten Naturally 

Dr. Rath discusses his cancer research, which confirms cancer spread can be stopped with nutrients.
New York City, New York, 2002

An Open Interview with Dr. Rath
Almelo, The Netherlands

Health Is a Human Right
Dr. Rath discusses the movement that will lead to the liberation of human health worldwide.
Almelo, The Netherlands (1999)

The Pharma-Cartel Is Jeopardizing Your Health!

A historic presentation, in which Dr. Rath explains why the pharmaceutical industry wants a global ban on natural health therapies.
Chemnitz, Germany (1997)

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