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The Dr. Rath Research Institute is home to a pharmaceutical grade laboratory equipped with modern scientific tools. It is staffed with world-class scientists from the fields of medicine, biochemistry, cellular biology, toxicology, and nutrition.

Directed by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, the team of scientists conducts innovative research in various aspects of health by applying Dr. Rath’s scientific breakthroughs and using modern techniques and research technologies.


We use modern research technologies and methods, however, while pharmaceutical research investigates chemical molecules which can be patented and generate high profits for the company, our research focuses on the application of natural substances which are not toxic to body’s cells. Our main goal is to improve human health, not to expand sales profits. We are a non-profit organization. read more...

In addition, rather than using individual components, like most researchers do, we introduced and developed a new approach in natural health research, which is based on synergy of micronutrients. While the use of individual micronutrients is important in elucidating the mechanism of their individual action in the body, the final biological effect is always a result of a nutrient cooperation and interaction with many other components in the cell and in the body. We have succeeded in developing various synergistically acting teams of micronutrients that have been effective in modulating important cellular mechanisms affected by various pathologies.

Among various research projects conducted by our scientists and in collaboration with other research and clinical institutions, we investigate how specific micronutrient synergies can affect cellular mechanisms involved in the growth and spread of cancer, the development and progression of cardiovascular disease, immune deficiencies, viral infections and other health aspects.

Visit our labWe have developed micronutrient based approaches in the natural control of atherosclerosis, heart failure, high blood pressure and other manifestations of cardiovascular disease, Their clinical effectiveness have been confirmed in various clinical pilot and double-blind, placebo controlled studies.

We pioneered a comprehensive approach to cancer research resulting in the development of a nutrient synergy – a combination of natural compounds which has shown to be effective in inhibiting the key mechanisms of cancer, such as:

- Metastasis - cancer spread to other organs in the body
- The growth of tumors
- Development of new blood vessels supporting tumor growth (angiogenesis)
- Triggering natural cancer cell death (apoptosis).

In addition, we have shown that a synergistic nutrient combination can be effective in combating various infectious diseases, such as influenza, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Our research team is currently pursuing a range of experimental studies, such as the effect of nutrient synergy in controlling inflammation and atherogenic processes, diabetes, preventing toxicity of chemical substances and other aspects important for human health. less