Science Made Easy

science made easy dr rathProgress in natural health science is often missed by people who do not have a scientific or medical background. The general public relies mostly on the health news reported by the media which is often biased or serves specific agendas. Most people do not try to reach for original scientific publications which use specific scientific language and describe details which are unfamiliar to those (including scientists) without expertise in a particular field of research.

This is why we are presenting our important research findings in a format that you can easily understand. Each research topic (publication) is presented in a series of slides that explain the background of the study, the findings and their implications for human health.

You do not need to be a college professor or medical student to learn about your body, how it functions and what micronutrients can do to modulate and improve our health.

Knowledge is the true foundation of our health!

Cholesteral discovery power point cervial cancer gastrointest cancer    
A summary of Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking discovery is outlined in this PDF (click here) Effect of a nutrient mixture on the localization of extracellular matrix proteins in HeLa human cervical cancer xenografts in female nude mice
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Modulation of uPA, MMPs and their inhibitors by a novel nutrient mixture in human colorectal, pancreatic and hepatic carcinoma cell lines
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prostate cancer fanconi anemia  lyme disease presentation made easy    
Induction of Apoptosis in the Human Prostate Cancer Cell Line DU-145 by a Novel Micronutrient Formulation
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select phytonutrient mixture in Fanconi Anemia head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)
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In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of phytochemicals and micronutrients against Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii
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