Online Resources

Good health begins with knowledge. Your knowledge about the power of natural therapies will provide a foundation to liberate yourself from pharmaceutical dependency and empower you to share it with others.

In order to facilitate this “health liberation process,” we have developed various health education programs that can be accessed online free of charge:

  • “Dr. Rath’s Seminar on Cellular Health.” has been designed to educate people about the critical role of nutrients in restoring and maintaining good health. You do not have to become a doctor or scientist to understand the simple fact that vitamins and other essential nutrients keep the cells of the body healthy and functioning normally. Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries are so simple and logical that everyone can easily understand them.
  • World Health Alphabetization (WHA) campaign is especially important for educating, informing and empowering people, including young people, about various aspects of health and world’s health policies.

Our Research Archive, in addition to our own scientific publications listed on this website, is a comprehensive scientific reference source for researchers, health professionals and everyone who wants to get access to scientific and clinical studies conducted with natural components in various aspects of health.