Health Is a Human Right

Almelo, the Netherlands
September 27, 1999

We live in historic times. Mankind is currently undertaking one of the great movements in its history: The liberation of our health from the yoke of a medicine driven by the “business with disease”. It is the liberation of our bodies and health towards natural medicine that prevents commercialism and eradicates diseases effectively without harmful side effects. Together we are writing history.

Once before in this millennium a similarly comprehensive liberation took place, the liberation of the human mind. 500 years ago, despite the relentless resistance of those in power at that time, millions of people in Europe achieved the right to read and write. The liberation of the human mind 500 years ago ended its century long slavery during medieval times and, at the same time, gave birth to modern times. read more...

To understand the dimension of the changes that liberated humanity forever, I invite you to join me on a journey 500 years back in time. Come with me to a time when those in power kept millions of people poor and ignorant to the extent that they differ from their house pigs only by their ability to stand upright. This time travel is meant to be a historic eye opener, and is not intended to criticize any religion. less

Millions Live in PovertyMillions Live in Poverty

Imagine you live somewhere in Europe around the year 1500. Chances that you were born to a poor peasant are great because more than 80% of the people in Europe at that time were peasants. If you were lucky, you owned a tiny piece of land, but more likely you were the personal property of the landlord who owned the land in your area. But you were not alone, most of your neighbors and contemporaries were the personal property of their landlords. Two thirds of whatever you earned went to the landlord. At least 10% of what you made was taken away by the church. What was left was too little to live on and too much to die on.

Most people in Europe’s villages died before they reached the age of 50. That one day the average life expectancy would reach 75 or 80 years is something you do not know. Life is hard. Of course, life as we know it today does not exist at that time. But you do not know that because day in and day out you are primarily concerned with nurturing your living children. Two of your children died at birth. The other 3 died before they reached their first birthday and you were told that God had called them to heaven. You did not know that they were killed by the polluted drinking water in the nearby pond that served also as a bathtub for the village because micro organisms and infectious diseases would be discovered centuries later.

Two of these three children died during the last winter, which was particularly long. In December their gums started to bleed and the bleeding increased with every piece of bread they chewed. In January your children’s skin became paler, almost whitish and they were too weak to stand up. By the end of January both of them were dead. But this was no exception, since your neighbors and the peasants in the nearby village shared the same fate. Most of the people actually died during the winter months, but this winter was particularly harsh. You do not know that this mega-death during wintertime is caused by scurvy and vitamin deficiency because this connection will not be discovered for centuries to come. ...hide content

Millions Are IlliterateMillions Are Illiterate

No one in the village asks why half of the children die before they reach the age of five, although some of the people suspect that it has to do with malnutrition. But, at second thought, everyone is happy when death finally takes the children away because it ends their suffering, and children were believed to go directly to heaven. After the sermon at the cemetery the priest at that time consoled you and promised you a reunion with your children in heaven. The condition for this reunion, of course, was that you continued your life in modesty, poverty and total submission to the rulers of the land and the church. Your sorrow is brief because the struggle for survival continues.

From sunrise to sunset you work in the field. Your wife and children are also helping because otherwise you can not pay the taxes to the landlord and the church. The ruler’s envoys who collect the taxes are without mercy. Those who do not pay are incarcerated. Many of your neighbors have lost everything they had to the landlord because the tiny piece of land they had just did not provide for the huge taxes claimed by the rulers. While they were sitting in prison their tiny piece of land and their hut were taken away. For the families of those incarcerated, this was a verdict of death. Those who were incapable to survive as beggars were dying. No one dared to protest because this was how things were to be. It was inconceivable to you, that the landlord was intentionally rising the taxes in order to drive the peasants into bankruptcy and thereby acquire their land. Life is a burden. But this is how God has designed it said the church at that time. They also tell you, that it is written in the Word of God that it is easier for a camel to walk trough a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. You think, if this is so, it is better that I do not own any property. After all you would like to go to heaven at all costs. According to the church at the time, heaven is a land where milk and honey flows in rivers. This is where you want to go when you die. No price is to high and no burden to heavy in order to reach this goal.

Every night you lie down on the straw sack beside your wife and mumble to yourself: another day less on the stony path to paradise. The thought, that your poverty does not please God but solely the rulers of the land and the church has never crossed your mind. For this thought to occur, you would have to question everything you have ever heard and learned from those placed above you by destiny. ...hide content

Your Illiteracy Is Intended By Those in PowerYour Illiteracy Is Intended By Those in Power

You also do not know that it is not the wish of God that you are illiterate and can not read and write. The rulers of the land and the church are telling you that it is only the simple-minded person who will go to heaven. The thought that knowledge is power has never crossed your mind and you have never conceived that your illiteracy is a precondition for the injustice and the excessive greed and wealth of the rulers.

Your entire life you could neither read nor write. There are no schools and your parents and grandparents were all illiterates. The ability to read and write is considered an art and is one of the best-kept secrets at that time. You never thought of lifting this secret. Only a small and chosen worldly and clerical cast knows the art to read and write. Among them the priest in the village.

The only information you get is from other peasants in the village where you go to mass every morning. During mass you do not understand anything because the priest speaks for one hour in Latin, supposedly the language of God. The priest also reads the Word of God from the bible, which, of course, is written in the Latin language. Likewise, the priest’s prayer is also in Latin, the only language that God understands, according to the priest.

The church at that time tells you that it is in vain to even attempt to pray, because God does not understand German, English, French or any other language spoken by common people at that time. If you want to talk to God, you need a translator, a priest who speaks Latin. According to the church at that time, this is the only way, that God can understand your wishes and thoughts. This is why at least once a week you go to confession, an audience with God with a Latin translator.

The greatness and power of God is reflected in the church building, the only building in the village made of solid stone. The windows are made of colored glass, a material that does not exist anywhere nearby. Many years ago you undertook a pilgrimage to the magnificent dome in Cologne which was already 200 years old by that time. You were numbed with adoration and reverence. You would never have thought it possible that god is so powerful that he can construct such a magnificent building. Making your way amidst the beggars, you reached the interior of the dome of Cologne. With deep reverence you admired the gigantic architecture and the golden statues. It has now been 20 years since you undertook this pilgrimage but there was not a single day when you did not clearly recall the greatness and splendor of this magnificent building.

Yet, even this impressive dome in Cologne is not the largest building of God. Somewhere far away behind the Alps, the huge mountains in the south, lives the direct representative of God on earth. Rome, the city he lives in, is supposedly built of gold and jewels. He reigns over the entire earth and, in addition, possesses the keys to heaven. The church at that time tells you that this man decides whether on judgment day you go to heaven, to purgatory or directly to hell. Of course, you don’t dare to question this dogma, because that would be a sin. And sinners are sure to be turned back from the gates of heaven and sent to hell or eternal damnation. ...hide content

The Stony Way to Paradise The Stony Way to Paradise

One thing is clear to you: If your presence on earth has to be a burden, you want to look forward to the heavenly paradise. The last thing you want is to live through hell on earth and then in eternity. The desired places in heaven are commercially available, but to a price. Again and again the indulgence traders, envoys of the roman church at that time, come into the village and preach that “only if the Taler (a precursor of the dollar) clangs in the chest, the soul will spring out of purgatory”. More recently you can also buy indulgences in order to liberate your deceased ancestors from purgatory – everything has its price.

Whenever the indulgence trader sells the indulgence letters in the village market place, you are close to tears. Once again you don’t know what you should use your last pennies for that you saved after paying the heavy taxes to the landlord and the church. Should you use these pennies to buy food for your children or to secure the entrance of your soul to heaven or to liberate your ancestors from purgatory? ...hide content

A Simple Monk Ends the Dark Middle AgesA Simple Monk Ends the Dark Middle Ages

But then something unheard of occurred. The event was so powerful that it brought down the entire card house made up of lies dulling people’s minds and permitting premature death of millions of people caused by unbearable poverty. This event was so fundamental that it terminated the dark Middle Ages with one strike and determined the course of human events until today.

On October 31, 1517 a young monk Martin Luther nailed his theses to the castled church of Wittenberg in Medieval Germany. Luther’s message was simple and clear: Neither the pope in Rome nor the roman Church owns the key to heaven, nor can indulgence traders sell it. The key to heaven, said the young monk, is within yourself – or not. Two weeks after these theses were made public everything was quiet. But it was the silence before the storm. Then the storm of liberation from the dark Middle Ages began to blow across Europe. Millions of people realized that they and their ancestors had been kept stupid in ignorance and poverty – like animals – and served only one purpose: the excessive enrichment of the church and the nobility.

The stormy wind of the liberation of the human mind was soon blowing all over Europe and brought down the existing systems of the world. In April 1521, only four years later, Luther was called in front of the Emperors Diet in the city of Worms. In the presence of Emperor Charles V and the pontifical legates, he was pressured to recant in order to stabilize the antiquated order of things. Luther did not recant, and consequently, was banished by the Emperor and the Pope. He was branded an outlaw who can be killed by anyone without fear of punishment. Luther made good use of time during his banishment. In the Wartburg castle he translated the bible from the antiquated Latin language into the common German language. With the help of the book printing technology that had just been invented, over 100,000 copies of this popular bible could now be printed in the spoken language. ...hide content

Liberation From Illiteracy Liberation From Illiteracy

Imagine that you acquire such a bible written in colloquial German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish or any other European language. In the evening you sit in your medieval hut and with the help of candlelight you start to read the Word of God all by yourself. First it is a very slow process, but then you literally devour the pages.

Pictures in the form of current woodcuts illustrate the texts and help you to learn and understand. Together with millions of other disenfranchised peasants you realize that God understands the German language as well any other spoken language. You suddenly discover what had thus far been inconceivable for you, that you can talk to God in your own language, even your dialect. You can suddenly pray to him without an interpreter and, best of all, you know He understands you. Suddenly, it becomes clear to you that the Latin language was a lie and a deception by which the spiritual and secular authorities kept the people of the earth poor and ignorant – like animals. You understand, that this deliberate illiteracy and poverty had one purpose: to maintain the excessive power and wealth of the rulers of the world and the church at that time.

More importantly, the newly acquired ability to read and write can not only be used vertically from earth to heaven to communicate with God it also enables you to communicate horizontally with your fellow country men through letters and written texts – even over long distances. Suddenly, you can participate in daily life. Imagine the undreamed of perspectives suddenly opening up to you. Every minute of your day is now filled with the unrestricted feeling of liberation from a century old yoke of poverty and illiteracy.

The rulers of the land and the church react immediately. The first bibles printed in the spoken languages were banished and its printers prosecuted. The rulers know knowledge is power! And they were unwilling to share their knowledge and their power with their subordinates. But millions of people at that time no longer asked for permission of the rulers. They simply took the right to learn the art of reading and writing and no prohibition could prevent this huge literacy campaign organized by the people themselves. In the course of only one century the illiteracy rate in Europe dropped from 80% to 20%. ...hide content

The Liberation of the Human Mind Became IrreversibleThe Liberation of the Human Mind Became Irreversible

From a historic perspective the narrow-minded role of the nobility was remarkable. No one benefited more from the dissociation from Roman dominance than the European nobility, who had to pay huge taxes to Rome. Their support of Luther would have saved the European earls and dukes millions in church taxes. Of the few dukes who dared to support Luther openly, most notable was Fredrick the Sage, from Saxony.

The decisive breakthrough for Luther came not from the nobility, but from millions of people. But equally important was a new invention: Johann Gutenberg had developed the technique of book printing. From then on books no longer had to be copied by hand, so100 copies or even 1000 copies could be produced at one time. The combination of Luther’s teaching of the liberation of the human mind with the possibility to multiply and disseminate this information through printed media changed the course of history.

This liberation also had direct economic consequences. The money saved by no longer having to pay indulgences and by the dissolution of monasteries and abbeys could now be used for immediate and urgent social needs. The “common chest” of the city of Wittenberg was established at that time in order to help the poor and needy citizens. The money that became available to develop trade and commerce was, of course, many times greater. ...hide content

Education Becomes a Human RightEducation Becomes a Human Right

The events 500 years ago had direct consequences for human history up to the present. In retrospect, the decades following publication of the theses in Wittenberg and the translation of the bible, read like a fairytale in which all of mankind awoke from a thousand-year trance, like sleeping beauty.

In 1521, the New Testament is published in the German language, followed shortly thereafter by the entire bible. Translations of the bible from unintelligible Latin into English, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish and all other European languages, follow swiftly. Not only the spiritual life, but also education, science, trade, commerce, culture and all other areas of society benefit from liberation from illiteracy.

In 1525, only four years after the first translation of the bible, the painter Albrecht Dürer publishes his first textbook on “Perspective Geometry” and another three years later, his “Anatomy of Man”, both in the spoken language. In 1529, Johannes Bugenhagen founds the Johanneum-Highschool in Hamburg, a first step towards general school education. In 1531, the first stock exchange opens in the Belgian town of Antwerp, reflecting the immediate trend towards greater wealth of the general people. In 1536, the medic Paracelsus publishes his bestseller “The great handbook of wound healing” (“Die große Wundarznei”), a textbook in the common language that influences medicine across Europe for centuries to come. In 1543, Nikolaus Copernicus publishes the modern perspective of the universe. The sun, not the earth, is the center of the universe. Only four years later, the official language in France changes from antiquated Latin to the French language still known today. Printed leaflets become fashionable and develop into early newspapers.

In 1550, less then 30 years after the translation of the bible, the first colloquial book in general mathematics is published by Adam Riese. In the same year, the first binoculars are marketed in order to allow more people of advanced age to read and write. In 1558, Johannes Brenz founds the first primary school in Southern Germany, thereby taking another step towards the general education of children. Training time of the trade guilds is increased to seven years in order to reflect the growing knowledge in all areas of trade and commerce. In 1564, the first book catalogue is published for the Frankfurt book fair.

In 1566, a new currency is introduced with the Augsburg Monetary Order. In 1574, the first high school is founded in Berlin. In the same year, the University of Bern in Switzerland is founded; in 1575 the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, in 1576 the University of Warszaw in Poland, in 1582 the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and in 1585 the University of Graz in Austria. In 1579 the first hospital of modern times was inaugurated, the Julius hospital in Wuerzburg, Germany. By 1599, the sending of letters from people to people had increased to such an extent that a nationwide postage tariff was defined for the whole of Germany. In the same year, the first regular monthly newspapers appeared in Nuremberg and the first chambers of Commerce were established.

However this rapid development from the dark Middle Ages into the lucent modern times has its price. Forces that wish to maintain and reestablish antiquated structures of power do not give in easily – they retaliate. A particularly shameful example in the long row of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the human mind was Giordano Bruno. In the year 1600, this Italian scientist was burned at the stake in the Piazza di Fiori (Square of the Flowers) in Rome. The only crimes he committed were his statements that the earth circles the sun, not vice versa.

But even the last desperate attempts of those in power could not prevent the collapse of the house of cards of the medieval power structure. Millions of people in Europe liberated themselves from the shackles of the slavery of their minds and they are not willing to give up the liberty they had gained. Education becomes a human right, the medieval times are gone forever and modern times begin.

The liberation of the human mind is so powerful that its stamp was left on the entire earth. The position of Europe becomes the focal continent for the globe. Since that time those parts of planet earth east of Europe are defined as east and those opposite as west. The people of Europe conquered and populated entire continents. The United States of America, today the most powerful country in the world, is governed until this day by a leadership of European descent. The events that took place 500 years ago were the reason why all presidents of the United States thus far have been of European descent and not – what would have been more likely – the descendants of native Indians. And this is just another example of how the liberation of the mind starting in 16th century Europe has influenced the events of history since.

Why have I taken you on such an extensive journey into the 16th century? I would like to enable you to better recognize the darkness and illiteracy with respect to our body and our health in which we continue to live today. I also wanted to share with you the gigantic power that is released when millions of people recognize their situation and liberate themselves from the shackles of antiquated belief systems. In much the same way that the 16th century was the age of liberation from illiteracy, the 21st century will become the century of liberation from today’s most common diseases and from the “business with disease”.

Today – like 500 years ago – millions of people live in illiteracy. You can read and write, but the elementary functions of your body are obscure and unknown to you. We live in the age of moon travelers and the Internet and you do not know what makes your body sick and what keeps it healthy. But you do not realize that this illiteracy and ignorance about your own health is no coincidence; it is the precondition for a billion dollar market of largely ineffective pharmaceuticals. You do not even have the chance to realize it. Day in and day out you are bombarded by colorful ads and commercials of the pharmaceutical industry trying to convince you that this industry is concerned about your health. You have no idea that the “business with disease” only functions if you are kept ignorant – like animals. ...hide content

Millions of People Are Illiterate With Respect to Their HealthMillions of People Are Illiterate With Respect to Their Health

You are 50 years old and neither in school nor in the news did you ever learn that the most important precondition for maintaining the health of your body is the stability of the connective tissue. You do not know that the connective tissue of your body is made of collagen and you do not know that the stability of your body tissue depends on optimum supply of vitamin C in your diet. Nobody ever told you that the human body, as opposed to all other living beings, cannot produce a single molecule of vitamin C and is therefore dependent on optimum intake of essential nutrients for life.

Your doctor tells you that 75 milligrams of vitamin C per day are enough and he refers to the guidelines of the so-called Food and Drug Administration. You don’t know that this association is not independent, but acts in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry by recommending arbitrarily low vitamin dosages to people – you do not know that. The thought does not cross your mind that the weakening of you body’s resistance is intentional in order to facilitate the development of disease as a precondition for the business with disease! And a million-dollar pharmaceutical market.

You are told that life expectancy in the industrial countries of the world is 75 years and half of that in the developing countries. It is inconceivable to you that life expectancy will increase to over 100 years by the simple measure of an optimum supply of vitamins to the cells of your body. You take it as fate that eight out of ten of your friends and relatives are dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer. ...hide content

The Secret Code Language of MedicineThe Secret Code Language of Medicine

No one has provided you with the knowledge that these common health problems are not actual diseases but rather the direct consequence of vitamin deficiency and that they are preventable. The pharmaceutical industry and their puppets in the media and the medical establishment are working tirelessly in order to hide the simple logical causes of these common health problems behind Latin, Greek and other diagnostic cover terms.

For 20 years you have been suffering from high blood pressure. Your doctor calls it “essential hypertension” but there is nothing essential about you suffering from high blood pressure – on the contrary. The Latin diagnosis “essential” is used to mask the fact that in 9 out of 10 cases conventional medicine does not know the cause of the patient’s high blood pressure. The diagnosis ”essential hypertension” is used as a code among the medical profession for “high blood pressure of unknown origin”. Since you are unfamiliar with this Latin code language, you even feel indebted to your doctor for this “precise” diagnosis.

The drugs prescribed to you by your doctor over the last twenty years had to be changed three times because of their harmful side effects. You don’t know that the beta blockers and other prescription drugs you have been taking were designed to relieve the symptoms of your high blood pressure condition, not to treat its underlying cause so as to secure your continued dependency and use of these pharmaceutical drugs. But you are not alone.

More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure because the true causes of this health problem are deliberately being withheld from them. Your father died at age 55 from a heart attack. They told you that it was a failure of his pump. Even the coronary bypass surgery one year before his death could not prevent his death. You still remember the day when your father returned from the hospital after his surgery and told everyone proudly that he had received four bypasses. No one had told him that the word bypass surgery describes a medical procedure that bypasses the deposits in the coronary arteries, but leaves the underlying causes of these coronary deposits untreated. You didn’t know this either – and how could you? Coronary bypass surgery is celebrated as the pinnacle of modern medicine. Recently you could even watch an open heart surgery live from your sofa via television.

More than half a billion people currently suffer from cardiovascular diseases because information about the underlying cause of this health condition is being withheld from them. If someone were to tell you that today’s euphoria about coronary bypass surgery will be considered “medieval” in a few decades and that cellular medicine will largely eradicate heart attacks and strokes by the end of the 21st century – you would call that person crazy. ...hide content

Targeting Symptoms Instead of Treating CausesTargeting Symptoms Instead of Treating Causes

Your brother suffered a stroke at the age of 48. The rehabilitation measures included under water massage as well as speech therapy and cost a fortune for the health insurer and your brother’s family. The benefit was negligible and short-term. Your brother survived for five years crippled and bound to a wheel chair. Then he died suddenly from a second stroke because chronic vitamin deficiency in the walls of his brain arteries – the underlying cause of their clogging – were ignored and remained untreated all those years.

Your sister has been suffering from heart failure for the last eight years. Her doctor diagnosed her with an “idiopathic cardiomyopathy”. How could she know that the word “idiopathic” is a Greek smoke screen for “unknown origin”? No one told your sister that the main cause of heart failure is a deficiency of vitamins and other bio-energy molecules in millions of heart muscle cells. Worse, the diuretic drugs or water pills her doctors prescribed to her also flushed out the water soluble vitamins and minerals which were deficient in the first place. Thus, the pharmaceutical therapy further impaired her heart condition to the extent that her doctor told her that she has only a few months to live. Her only chance of survival would be if a donor heart could be found for a heart transplantation. It is inconceivable to your sister and her doctor that an optimum supply of vitamins and other bioenergy molecules will render heart failure problems unknown in future generations. ...hide content

Doctors Are Victims, TooDoctors Are Victims, Too

You have a blind trust in your doctor. At the doorstep of the doctor’s office and the hospital you regularly turn over any responsibility for your body and your health. But you are not alone – everyone does it. The doctors are the medical experts. They understand Latin and Greek, which are considered the language of medicine. You, as a simple layman, as a factory worker or teacher, have little or no insight into this world of medical miracles. The towers of high-tech and pharma medicine are as intimidating as the towers of medieval domes and palaces.

Doctors are victims too of this wrong direction of medicine. Neither you nor your doctor are aware that the health benefits of vitamins are a non-issue during medical education and that natural therapies have been systematically removed from the teaching calendars at medical schools during the 20th century and replaced by lectures in “pharmacology”. Unnoticed by most, the medical profession has been gradually diverted by the pharmaceutical industry towards a sales force for their global pharmaceutical market. ...hide content

Indulgence Sales By the Pharmaceutical Industry Indulgence Sales By the Pharmaceutical Industry

500 years ago an imaginary “key to heaven” was sold. Today the pharmaceutical industry markets an imaginary “key to health”. They promise an illusory merchandise – health – that is neither available not prescription obtainable through pharmaceutical drugs. Even the doctor’s block bears a striking resemblance to the indulgence letter of the Middle Ages.

The indulgence sale no longer occurs in the market place, because the sales scheme has been perfected over the past centuries. The indulgence payments are made directly from your bank account in form of health insurance premiums and corporate health benefit payments. Even when you are healthy, twenty or thirty percent of your monthly salary is used for these modern indulgence payments. In the United States alone these health insurance premiums and related health payments by the American people amount to over 500 billion dollars each year.

To make things worse, more than 98% of all pharmaceutical drugs paid for with this money are without any proven therapeutic efficacy or properties to heal. The known and dangerous side effects of these same drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world. In other words, the pharmaceutical industry was able to cause an epidemic amidst us responsible for the premature death of hundreds of thousand of people each year. And this “business with diseases” is paid for by the health insurance premiums of the people.

Annual global sales of pharmaceutical drugs have crossed the 500 billion Dollar threshold and continue to grow. Shares of pharmaceutical companies are offered to millions of people through mass mailings in their mail box and by other means as lucrative investments. Thus, thousands of patients are seduced to finance the ongoing “business with disease” – in many cases the continuation of their very own disease. These developments are so mind-boggling that they can truly be compared to the height of the medieval indulgence sales.

This entire development is only comprehensible, if one understands that the pharmaceutical industry is no naturally grown industry. In other words, there was never any genuine need for the existence of this industry. Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was artificially inflated by unscrupulous investors as a typical speculation industry. They declared the human body as their market place and the diseases hosted by that body as their target market. These greedy individuals knew from the very beginning that the success of this speculative industry was dependent on the elimination of natural, non-patentable therapies and their systematic replacement by artificial and patentable chemical substances. ...hide content

A Frightening BalanceA Frightening Balance

At the end of the 20th century we look back and have to realize that hundreds of millions of patients have been brought to a fateful dependency by the pharmaceutical industry. 500 years ago the people delegated the well being of their souls to the indulgence sellers and were abused into poverty and misery. Today millions of patients delegate the well being of their bodies to an industry the basis of which is the business with disease. Today we know that the pharmaceutical industry itself is the main culprit, why today’s most common diseases are not eradicated and, worse, continue to spread on a worldwide scale.

The balance is truly frightening: Today four out of five patients die from health conditions that are not diseases at all, but are the direct consequence of vitamin deficiency and therefore preventable. Almost half billion people worldwide suffer from hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease. Over 400 million people suffer from high blood pressure, over 200 million people suffer from diabetes and the circulatory problems associated with it. More than 100 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure, more than 200 million from osteoporosis and over 400 million people from cancer. All these health conditions have one thing in common: Their main cause – as we know today – is a long-term deficiency in vitamins and other essential nutrients and they are lastly preventable. ...hide content

Thesis for Humanity’s Liberation From Today’s Most Common DiseasesThesis for Humanity’s Liberation From Today’s Most Common Diseases

But then this giant fraud scheme too was unmasked. 500 years ago Luther’s theses launched the liberation from illiteracy. At the beginning of this decade a young physician and scientist published the theses of liberation of human health. The theses were not hammered to the door of a church, but rather to the doors of the doctor’s offices and hospitals in form of scientific publications and health books in the colloquial languages. The message of this doctor was loud and clear: Health is not a gift of fate rather than understandable and, above all, doable by everyone. Diseases develop at the level of millions of cells, and vitamin deficiency is the primary cause of their malfunction. Heart attacks and strokes are early forms of scurvy and therefore preventable. Today’s most common diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic circulatory problems, osteoporosis, cancer and many others are the consequence of vitamin deficiency and preventable by an optimum intake of essential nutrients. ...hide content

Health Is Understandable and DoableHealth Is Understandable and Doable

500 years ago the translation of the bible into spoken languages released a force that wiped away illiteracy from the European continent. Today the simple logic of Cellular Medicine releases a similar power, which will lead to the liberation of mankind from today’s most common diseases. With the books of Cellular Medicine millions of people can not only understand how their body functions. Most importantly, they can now achieve and maintain their health largely by themselves.

500 years ago, colored woodcuts helped the common people to accelerate their reading and writing skills. In a similar way colored illustrations today will promote the understanding about the principles of health and disease in our body. Three dimensional presentations of cell models and microscopic video animation will accelerate the breakthrough of Cellular Medicine considerably.

500 years ago, the invention of book printing was a decisive precondition for the liberation from illiteracy across Europe. Today, a similar technological invention of global mass communication has become available in form of the Internet. 500 years ago all efforts by the authorities to ban the book printing in the colloquial languages were in vain. In a similar way, today all efforts to censure and control the Internet in the interest of pharmaceutical and other multinational companies will derail. Then and now, millions of people are no longer willing to submission and slavery of their minds and their bodies.

500 years ago, some dukes recognized sooner than others the comprehensive economic advantages of supporting the new information and New Age. Today the health insurance companies and health maintenance organizations are the natural allies of this global change. These trustees of large amounts of health insurance benefits entrusted to them by millions of patients can save hundreds of billions of dollars by a full scale support of vitamin research and Cellular Medicine. However, the support of the health insurance companies and the HMO’s for this medical breakthrough is still slow. Those farsighted HMO’s who support this breakthrough early on may one day be seen by history at the same level as the medieval duke Frederick the Sage from Saxony. They have one thing in common: They are cool mathematicians and shrewd businessmen.

There is, however, an important difference between the events 500 years ago and today. The question whether the Catholic or Protestant Church is right, can not be decided on a scientific basis and remains a question of belief. In sharp contrast the right and wrong between pharmaceutical medicine and Cellular Medicine is already decided today. Hundreds of clinical studies with vitamins and countless patient reports have documented the superiority of Cellular Medicine beyond any doubt. Pharmaceutical medicine covers symptoms and has no interest to prevent, cure or eradicate diseases. In contrast, Cellular Medicine goes to the very root of today’s most common diseases and corrects their underlying cause, a deficiency of vitamins and other bioenergy molecules in the metabolism of millions of cells. ...hide content

21st Century: Health Becomes a Human Right21st Century: Health Becomes a Human Right

In the 16th century, education became a human right in Europe. In a similar way in the 21st century health will become a human right, not only in Europe, but worldwide. The perspectives are truly breathtaking: Heart attacks and strokes, today’s number one cause of death in the industrialized world will be largely unknown in the second half of the 21st century. You doubt this? Why don’t you ask Lewis Meyer how he felt when the calcium deposits in the coronary arteries of his heart had disappeared with our vitamin program naturally without bypass surgery or angioplasty.

High blood pressure conditions, today one of the most widespread health problems, will largely be unknown in 50 years. Is this really true? Why don’t you ask one of the patients on our Cellular Medicine programs who accomplished a drop in their blood pressure of 100 points and more in only a few months.

Diabetic circulatory problems will be reduced to a fraction of their current numbers in only a few decades. Is this possible? Ask those of our Cellular Medicine patients who reduced their insulin requirements by ten, twenty or thirty units, who now can live a life without insulin. Or ask those diabetic patients who could cancel scheduled amputation of their limbs due to dramatic improvements of their circulatory problems.

Or just ask one of the tens of thousands of users of our Cellular Medicine formulas who can now live a life free of angina pectoris, shortness of breath, poor circulation, irregular heart beat, asthma, arthritis and many other common health problems. The documented health benefits of Cellular Medicine have already made this new Age of Medicine irreversible.

As a direct consequence of the eradication of today’s most common diseases the average life expectancy will rise to more than a hundred years during the 21st century. Money in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars, which no longer will be wasted for maintaining diseases, will become available. The private and public costs of health drop, health insurance premiums drop, health benefit payments by corporations drop, the local state and federal health expenditures drop, all of which contribute to an unheard of blossoming of the private and public financial sector. The money set free will create more buying power and more wealth for the general population and can be used for today’s most important tasks, unemployment in the industrialized countries and hunger and illiteracy in the developing world. ...hide content

A Breathtaking CenturyA Breathtaking Century

At the end I would like to address all those politicians who seemed to have difficulties with interpreting the signs of the times. Little more than seven years after Luther hammered his theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, one of the greatest uprisings of medieval Europe took place – the Peasants’ War. The reason for this uproar was that millions of common people suddenly woke up and realized to what extent they and their families had been kept in illiteracy and slavery and had been robbed of their health and their wealth by their very own nobility. I’m asking you, the heads of States, as well as the politicians at the level of local regional and federal governments: “What do you think will happen if millions of people during the next month and years will wake up realizing to what extend they have been kept ignorant and robbed of their income until today?”

This is also an important reason why I presented this historic parallel in such great detail. We now have the unique opportunity to change course to the right direction: We need to abandon immediately any health care system driven by the “business with disease”. We need to promote health care that focuses on the prevention, natural cure and eradication of today’s most common diseases. From now on there can be no more election campaign in which this question of life and death for millions of people is not a central issue.

We are entering a truly breathtaking century. And no one, no one can stop the liberation from the “business with disease” and the launching of a new era of human health. ...hide content