Cancer Can Be Beaten Naturally

New York City, New York
September 29, 2002

We are here tonight, because the message I stand for, the scientific discoveries, I have been privileged to contribute, are not welcomed by those who make health care. Otherwise, you would hear about this breakthrough from Dan Rather, or in the morning news, or you would read about it in the New York Times. Even better, you would be living in a world where the diseases that brought you here tonight, especially cancer, are long gone.

This is not the first time that something is wrong on planet Earth. The great philosopher Schopenhauer stated: "Really significant steps forward for mankind go through three stages. First, they’re ridiculed. Second, they are heavily fought by those who have economic interests in the status quo. And finally, when the dam is breaking everyone says: Well we knew it all along." We are somewhere between stage two and stage three with the message that cancer will no longer be a death verdict in future generations.

For millennia, people have looked to the sky. They’ve seen the sun rise in the east and settle in the west. They’ve looked to the stars in the night, and they knew it. The earth they concluded, is flat. They also were convinced that the sun circles the earth. How in the world could anyone doubt that? Then this man came along, Galileo Galilei. When he was born the sun circled the earth. When he died, the earth circled the sun. Of course, nothing has changed in the course of the universe, it’s just the way that mankind learned to look at the universe. Today, everything that Galileo stated four hundred years ago is confirmed. And yet, when he said it for the first time, it was so threatening that he was…

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An Open Interview with Dr. Rath

Almelo, the Netherlands

1. Dr. Rath, what considerations led to your decision to transfer all profits from the company’s commercial activities to a Foundation as official policy?1. Dr. Rath, what considerations led to your decision to transfer all profits from the company’s commercial activities to a Foundation as official policy?

The step we have now taken of changing our company structure so that all profits now automatically flow into a Foundation is really only a way of consolidating the legal basis for what we were already doing in practice. Since our company was founded, we have used its revenues for two significant areas of our work:

One, Cellular Medicine research at our Research Institute for Cellular Medicine in California and also in numerous clinical studies; and two, providing health education and information on the importance of cellular nutrients for preventing and curing illness. I have been holding lectures for years now attended by many thousands of people, and as part of our Health Alliance, we have been holding information events and training courses at various levels on Cellular Medicine and its potential.

In other words, nothing is changing here. All that we are doing is making clear to any residual doubters that our commercial principle accords with our message and the general good of the population. In doing so, we are, at the same time, unmasking the pharmaceutical industry and its unscrupulous investment “business with disease” even more effectively.

Of still greater importance is the following: in view of increasing criticism of the unscrupulous greed for profit of large company groups, we need to show that there are alternatives that put the human being first. That is why our decision to make our Health Alliance into a kind of “charitable company” is of such contemporary relevance.

I am convinced that this…

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The Pharma-Cartel Is Jeopardizing Your Health!

Chemnitz, Germany
June 21, 1997

"Only once in the history of mankind comes the moment when the breakthrough towards the control of cardiovascular disease is made. This moment is now." This is the beginning of the proclamation for the worldwide initiative - 21st Century - Eradicating Heart Disease.

Today we have come together to make a major stride forward towards this aim. Today will be the day when we, the people of Chemnitz, Germany, and the world, begin to liberate ourselves from the yoke of those who make billion dollar businesses at the expense of our health. We are determined to protect our health and lives, and to liberate ourselves from the perils of cardiovascular death and other diseases.

Throughout thousands of years of recorded history, our ancestors have looked at the night sky and asked themselves about the nature of the universe and the laws that determine the movement of the sun, the moon, and the stars. For thousands of years their conclusion was that the earth is the center of the universe, the sun circles around the earth and the stars are attached to crystal domes in heaven. The daily sunrise in the East and the sunset in the West left no doubt that these were the laws governing the universe as described by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. read more...

It changed with the life of this man, Galileo Galilei. Galileo was born in 1654, the sun circled around the earth. After he had died, it was the other way around -- the earth circled around the sun. Of course, the planets did not change their course. What changed was the way mankind had learned to look at the universe. The scientific discoveries of Galileo Galilei terminated the medieval age in science and inaugurated what we know today as…

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Health Is a Human Right

Almelo, the Netherlands
September 27, 1999

We live in historic times. Mankind is currently undertaking one of the great movements in its history: The liberation of our health from the yoke of a medicine driven by the “business with disease”. It is the liberation of our bodies and health towards natural medicine that prevents commercialism and eradicates diseases effectively without harmful side effects. Together we are writing history.

Once before in this millennium a similarly comprehensive liberation took place, the liberation of the human mind. 500 years ago, despite the relentless resistance of those in power at that time, millions of people in Europe achieved the right to read and write. The liberation of the human mind 500 years ago ended its century long slavery during medieval times and, at the same time, gave birth to modern times. read more...

To understand the dimension of the changes that liberated humanity forever, I invite you to join me on a journey 500 years back in time. Come with me to a time when those in power kept millions of people poor and ignorant to the extent that they differ from their house pigs only by their ability to stand upright. This time travel is meant to be a historic eye opener, and is not intended to criticize any religion. less

Millions Live in PovertyMillions Live in Poverty

Imagine you live somewhere in Europe around the year 1500. Chances that you were born to a poor peasant are great because more than 80% of the people in Europe at that time were peasants. If you were lucky, you owned a tiny piece of land, but more likely you were the personal property of the landlord who owned the land in your area. But you were not alone, most of your neighbors and contemporaries were…

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The Scurvy-Heart Disease Connection: Solution to the Puzzle of Cardiovascular Disease

Stanford, California
May 4, 2002

I would like to congratulate Stanford University for addressing the need for preventive and natural answers to the number one cause of death in the industrialized world. I will present to you the facts that atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes are not diseases but the direct result of long-term vitamin deficiency. And therefore they can be prevented by natural means, without pharmaceutical drugs or surgical intervention.

Heart disease is an early form of the sailor’s disease scurvy. In my presentation, I can only focus on the most compelling evidence. For more details, I encourage you to visit our research website.

All existing hypotheses of atherogenesis have one problem in common - they defy human logic. The theory that high cholesterol levels, oxidized LDL or bacteria damage the vascular wall would lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques along the entire vascular pipeline. Inevitably, peripheral vascular disease would be the primary manifestation of cardiovascular disease. This is clearly not the case. read more...

It doesn’t require a degree from Stanford or any other medical school – any layperson can solve the Plumber’s riddle. The arteries, veins and capillaries in our body are a pipeline that is 60,000 miles long. But this pipeline fails in 90 percent of the cases at one specific spot: the coronary arteries, with the length of only one billionth of the total vascular pipeline. If bad water quality – for example, high cholesterol – would cause damage to this pipeline, it would clog everywhere, not just at one spot. Obviously, elevated cholesterol cannot be the cause of coronary artery disease.

The solution to the puzzle of cardiovascular disease, therefore, must lie in the explanation of coronary artery plaques as the predominant manifestation of cardiovascular disease. To solve this puzzle, we need to refocus our…

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