Antitumor Effect of Nutrient Synergy on Human Bladder Cancer Cell Lines T-24

M.W. Roomi, V. Ivanov, A. Niedzwiecki and M. Rath
Matthias Rath Research, Cancer Research Division, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Presented at: 
Mayo Clinic Conference on Dietary Factors and Cancer Prevention, Rochester, MN, September 23-25, 2004.

Published in: 
Dietary Factors and Cancer Prevention: Current Premises and Future Promises, Abstract #25, pg 51



Bladder cancer, a cancer that develops mainly in older adults, is the fourth most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. Once the cells have metastasized, prognosis is poor. We investigated the antitumor effect of a unique nutrient formulation containing lysine, proline, arginine, ascorbic acid, and epigallocatechin gallate on human bladder cancer cells T-24 in cell culture, by measuring critical parameters in cancer development and spread, such as MMP expression and cancer cell invasive potential. Our results showed significant inhibition of invasion and of MMP-2 and –9 expression, which suggest that this nutrient combination is potentially an excellent candidate for prevention and treatment of bladder cancer.