Repression of matrix metalloproteinases and inhibition of cell invasion by a nutrient mixture, containing ascorbic acid, lysine, proline, and green tea extract on human Fanconi anemia fibroblast cell lines

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Methods: We investigated the effect of a nutrient mixture on Fanconi Anemia human fibroblast cell lines FA‐A:PD20 and FA‐A:PD220 on matrix metalloproteinase expression, invasion, cell proliferation, morphology and apoptosis. The cell lines were grown in a modified Dulbecco’s Eagle medium and at near confluence were treated with the nutrient mixture at increasing doses: 0; 10; 50; 100; 500; 1000 µg/ml. The cells were also treated with PMA to induce MMP‐9 expression. Results: Zymography demonstrated MMP‐2 and PMA‐induced MMP‐9 activity. The nutrient mixture inhibited expression of both, MMP‐2 and MMP‐9, in a dose dependent manner with virtually total inhibition observed at 500 µg/ml. Matrigel invasion was inhibited in both cells lines; with 100% inhibition for FA‐A:PD20 at 500 µg/ml and 100% inhibition of FA‐A:P220 cells at 100 µg/ml. H&E staining did not indicate any change in cell morphology and causes apoptosis at higher doses. Conclusion: Our data demonstrated that the nutrient mixture inhibited matrix metalloproteinase expression, invasion and induced apoptosis, the important parameters for cancer prevention. The results suggest that the nutrient mixture may have therapeutic potential in Fanconi Anemia associated neoplasia.


Key words: Fanconi Anemia, MMP, invasion, nutrients, apoptosis.
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