Diabetes in Children and the Role of Micronutrients

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S. Guida, A. Niedzwiecki

Journal of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health, Mar 2017


The steady increase in diabetes among children and young adults is one of the emerging health problems worldwide. This disease, characterized by impaired glucose metabolism and abnormally high blood glucose levels, has serious negative health consequences in young organisms, many of which surface later in life.

In addition, pharmacological treatments primarily developed and tested in adult diabetics carry health risks and are associated with unanticipated side effects when administered to children. All these concerns generate interest in developing micronutrient based approaches as safe and effective alternatives to medical drugs in both prevention and management of diabetes, especially in children.


This review outlines the scope of this health problem, highlights current therapeutic approaches to pediatric diabetes, and presents the latest findings on preventive and therapeutic potential of micronutrients and other natural compounds in controlling diabetes in children.

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