Micronutrient combination inhibits two key steps of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection: viral binding to ACE2 receptor and its cellular expression

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Goc A, Sumera W, Ivanov V, Niedzwiecki A, Rath M

Journal of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health, Aug 14, 2020


Introduction: The coronavirus pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to human health as well as global economies. The quest for vaccines and other approaches to this pandemic thus far focuses on synthetic molecules that are – predictably – associated with a variable degree of adverse effects.

Results: Here we report that a composition of specific micronutrients can almost completely block the interaction between the binding site of the coronavirus and its cellular anchor, the ACE2 receptor. Moreover, this micronutrient composition was able to significantly decrease the expression of the ACE2 receptor on human alveolar (lung) epithelial cells by over 90%.

Conclusion: This study provides the basis for effective and safe public health strategies based on an optimum intake of micronutrients. It allows people around the world to actively participate in the prevention of coronavirus infections – beyond wearing masks, social distancing, and other defensive measures.


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