Comparison of the antioxidant efficacy and cellular protection by several categories of nutritional supplements on the market

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M. Chatterjee, S. Ivanova, V. Ivanov, A. Niedzwiecki, M. Rath

Journal of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health, June 2016


Oxidative stress is a common source of cellular damage that is implicated in many diseases. Many people use nutritional supplements to maintain and improve their health. However, there is little information on how, or even if, popular dietary supplements improve cellular health by protecting the body from oxidative stress. Our study tests popular dietary supplements from the European and US markets in a uniform, standardized manner. This allows us to better understand how the differences in supplement compositions and/or ingredient doses may affect their efficacy at cellular level. The results show large differences in cellular efficacy of supplements even within the same category. Consistently, products containing ingredients chosen on the basis of their synergy confer greater protection from oxidative stress.

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