HIV/AIDS Testimonials

Rick Rayman

Condition: HIV positive
Diagnosed: More than 10 years ago

“Rick is a long term survivor of HIV/AIDS and also a survivor of Cancer. Although with the conventional HIV treatment his viral load has been undetectable for last four years, his T cells have lingered in the low 200s range for number of years, sometimes even slipping below 200/ul. According to medical establishment, CD4 count dropping below this range is considered as “AIDS” diagnosis, even when there are no opportunistic infections present. Though, current anti viral therapies are believed to increase the CD4+ count, Rich always had his on 200 ranges.

However, within 8 weeks of starting the cellular nutrients, there was 54% increase in the CD4/CD3 Helper T-cells!!! The cellular nutrients more than doubled the status of his immune parameters.

Rick’s doctor is very impressed with these results, and says that Rick is not far from entering for the first time in over 10 years- the average ‘normal’ range of these parameters.” (Normal Range- 500-2000/ul)

Rick Rayman Cd4 072406