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Physician's Speak

Wong Ang Peng, M.D. 

Since May of 2003, I have used Dr. Rath's nutrient synergy recommendations as both adjunct and main modality in cancer patients and those who suffered from cardiovascular diseases.

The progress that my patients made has been the best of my 15 years of medical practice.

Among 200 cancer cases that I had, I lost 24 patients who came to me with stage IV of cancer, with more than one secondary and metastasis. The remaining cancer patients are doing very well. Their tumors went into full remission or became fibroid tumors.

In cardiovascular cases, the results are spectacular. In almost every case, I have seen improvements of varying degrees. In hypertension, osteo-arthritis, tinnitus, hyper-cholesterolemia, myocardial-infarction, and stroke cases, I observed the improvements within weeks or even days.

For my patients with diabetes, especially non-insulin dependent patients, I have seen very rapid response rates, usually within the first few weeks of treatment. In those patients, I have been able to gradually reduce their medications as well. In at least ten cases, patients that would have otherwise required amputation have been able to avoid that procedure by implementing Dr. Rath's nutrient synergy recommendations.

Read about Examples of Cancer Cases.

Wong Ang Peng, M.D.
Wong's Nature Cure Center


Susan Garcia-Swain, M.D. 

I have several patients who have been on anti-hypertensive drugs for several years. After following Dr. Rath’s cellular health recommendations for a relatively short time (two, three, four months), they are off all anti-hypertensives and their blood pressure is well managed.

I have one patient who had a significant atrial fibrillation, having episodes probably once or twice a week that required conversion. He now rarely has an episode at all and he can easily convert it.

And then I have a couple that didn’t actually start the lipid reducing medication but their primary care physicians had recommended they do that. I had them do a trial of using Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations instead. Their lipids came down and they are no longer considered at risk there. Their lipids are within normal range.

Susan Garcia-Swain, M.D.
Sacramento, CA


Joseph C. Pennington, III, M.D. 

I have a patient who has a history of sinus node dysfunction for which she has undergone a sinus node modification and the implantation of a permanent pacemaker.

In addition, she has premature ventricular contractions, which to her are debilitating. I have been taking care of her for several years now and in general she has made a great improvement over where she was on our first meeting. She has incorporated Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations, and in conjunction with some of the work that I have done for her with the ablation, she has an overall sense of well-being.

Certainly, part of this is due to us controlling her heart rate response by modifying her sinus node and giving her a pacemaker, which will give her a more even heart rate.

But clearly, other aspects of her health are likely to have improved from the incorporation of Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations.

I will continue to encourage her to use Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations, as I feel that medicine can be a combination of holistic approaches, nutritional approaches and high technology catheter based approaches. For her, she has had a nice blend of these approaches and will continue to stay on this regimen.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts with you about my patient.

Joseph C. Pennington, III, M.D.
Wilmington, DE


Vic Herlacher, M.D. 

I had a medical practice specializing in internal and preventative medicine for twenty-three years. My focus was on prevention and dealing with the underlying root cause of the symptoms rather than tranquilizing, numbing or sedating them. During this time I observed many changes and restrictions, which made it impossible to practice medicine without compromising patient care.

Because of this, I left my medical practice and at the present time I do medical research on the Internet and write articles on preventative medicine. I have found significant scientific evidence supporting health benefits and prevention of disease by using key nutritional supplements.

A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and, needless to say, I was motivated to do extensive research on the underlying cause and treatment.

My wife was advised to have surgery, and I knew that chemotherapy such as Tamoxifen would be recommended even though a number of surveys show that chemotherapists have said they would not take chemotherapy themselves or recommend it for their families.

Chemotherapy drugs are toxic substances and known poisons and usually don’t cure cancer or extend life. They really do not improve the quality of life either.

Yet the use of chemotherapy or radiation for cancer can significantly impact the immune system and over a period of time have serious consequences.

During my research I had previously reviewed some of Dr. Matthias Rath’s scientific findings and found that the spread of cancer cells could be inhibited by using specific natural nutrients. This was very important since most of the cancer fatalities result from invasion of cancer cells into other organs and tissues.

My wife and I had visited Dr. Rath’s research facility in Fremont, California where we were able to meet with the research scientists and see for ourselves that a combination of L-lysine, Vitamin C, L-proline and EGCG which stops the spread of breast cancer cells 100%.

So in addition to focusing on making important dietary changes we started taking these natural cellular nutrients. By doing this we have minimized cancer recurrence but most important avoided harmful side effects that often accompanies conventional cancer therapy.

The synergistic combination of Vitamin C, Proline, Lysine and EGCG should be considered for anyone with the diagnosis of cancer.

When we realize that nearly 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year and since it is the number two cause of death, it is prudent for most of us to take proactive steps to prevent this disease through diet and by following Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations.

Vic Herlacher, M.D.
San Juan Capistranio, CA.


Frank Varese, M.D.

Dr. Rath is the best. I use Dr. Rath’s approach with many of my patients and the results are outstanding. He is tops. Many, many patients speak highly of him. I have met Dr. Rath personally and I think he is an outstanding person.

Frank Varese, M.D.
Dana Point, CA

HIV/AIDS Testimonials

Rick Rayman

Condition: HIV positive
Diagnosed: More than 10 years ago

“Rick is a long term survivor of HIV/AIDS and also a survivor of Cancer. Although with the conventional HIV treatment his viral load has been undetectable for last four years, his T cells have lingered in the low 200s range for number of years, sometimes even slipping below 200/ul. According to medical establishment, CD4 count dropping below this range is considered as “AIDS” diagnosis, even when there are no opportunistic infections present. Though, current anti viral therapies are believed to increase the CD4+ count, Rich always had his on 200 ranges.

However, within 8 weeks of starting the cellular nutrients, there was 54% increase in the CD4/CD3 Helper T-cells!!! The cellular nutrients more than doubled the status of his immune parameters.

Rick’s doctor is very impressed with these results, and says that Rick is not far from entering for the first time in over 10 years- the average ‘normal’ range of these parameters.” (Normal Range- 500-2000/ul)

Diabetes Testimonials

Andrew N. Odoemenem

Condition: Diabetes
Medications: Insulin

I was suffering from complicated heart disease, the doctor in Houston Hospital described that one side of my heart was large, and that my heart was weak and will need heart replacement. I feared to go into heart replacement and therefore decided to change the hospital. After examination, I was booked for heart bypass. I had no choice than fight for my survival.

That was the time I walked in to a health food store and I picked all of Dr.Rath’s books. After reading all the books, I came to the conclusion that everything he said in the books is correct and applied to my case. I brought Dr.Rath’s Cellular Nutrients and started taking them.

Not up to a month, I started feeling well. I now juggle, walk miles, ride bicycle without any pain. I believe if I can continue up to six months, I will have a young man’s heart. I am 60 years old. My blood pressure used to be 156/96.

Now, that I have started taking Dr.Rath’s Cellular Nutrients, the blood pressure has never exceeded 120/70 or 127/78. My pulse rate was formerly 56-60, now it is 65-70.

I also have diabetes. My blood sugar level used to read between 150-180. After I started using the Cellular Nutrients it came down to 125-130. My doctor lowered my insulin intake from 15/10 to 7/5. Now my blood sugar is even lower it is 90-105.

Since I have been on Cellular Nutrients, everyday marks a remarkable improvement in my health. Thanks to Dr.Rath.



Mary Bivins

Condition: Diabetes

My name is Mary Bivins and I am 46 years old. Before I started taking cellular nutrients, I couldn't walk one flight of stairs. I couldn't do laundry that much, because I had to go downstairs to wash.

But about two weeks after I started taking, I could do all of that. I couldn't even walk to the store without getting tired. My fiancé was always telling me, "You don't walk with me." But now, every time he gets ready to go, I'm right there with him. I walk with him, and my mother sees I can walk up and down the stairs without getting tired.

She asked me what was I doing to do this and to get my energy back. [Cellular nutrients] help me a lot and I will continue to take them because they really help me.

When I first learned I had diabetes, I worked for a while and then I had to come off. I was having problems with my knees and my legs, but now everything seems to be better.


Richard Polk

Condition: Diabetes

I was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago. I didn't have the energy that I had before I started taking [cellular nutrients]. After I started taking them, I got more energy. I feel much better. I can move around much better. I can run. I can walk distances. I can walk a mile!

Cholesterol Testimonials

David Cramer

Diagnosis: High Lp (a)
Date of Diagnosis: 2003

“ I had my first Lp (a) test done in 2003 after learning about its importance according to Dr. Rath's research. My lab test for Lp (a) was 23 at that time. A result of 20 or more would indicate a high risk factor for heart disease. After using the Dr. Rath's nutrient combination continuously for five years, my Lp (a) levels consistently reduced to 8 and now at 5. I am very happy to have known Dr. Rath's research and importance of Lp (a) as well as cellular nutrients.”


Bruce Barber

Age: 56
Diagnosis: High Cholesterol
Date of Diagnosis: 2001

The health condition that I have been concerned about since 1998 was coronary artery disease. I didn’t know that I even had a condition. I was 49 years old at the time. I thought I was in good shape, and was working out every day. I had a boat business. I guess [there was] a little bit of stress with the business, and one day in the gym while I was on the treadmill, both of my arms got numb and that alarmed me. It happened again during the day and then again that night [while I was] lying in bed. I had my wife call the ambulance and from there, it went downhill. Within days, I had to have triple bypass surgery [because my arteries had] 70, 80 and 100% blockage.

The protocol that the doctors had me on was Lipitor 20mg, Cozar 50mg, and 325mg of aspirin. Somewhere in between this five-year period, they added a new drug to help lower [my] cholesterol. Oddly enough, over time, the cholesterol got very low, but when I moved to Lake County, Florida, I switched cardiologists and internists. My internist knew something about lipoprotein(a). No one else had ever talked to me about it. I think they [physicians] know about it, but they just don’t talk because they don’t have a treatment for it. But he [my cardiologist] said, “We’ll test for it, but we don’t have anything that we can do about it.” My cholesterol level was 150, but my lipoprotein(a) level was around 128. Not long after this, I heard about Dr. Rath and thank goodness I did. [By reading Dr. Rath’s books], I found out lipoprotein(a) really is the problem. We have reversed that and I have been weaned off the drugs. I just use cellular nutrients and they do work.

After 18 months of Dr. Rath’s regimen and no medication, my lipoprotein(a) is down 50% (in the 60s), and my ejection fraction on the other side of the coin went from 47 to 63, which I think correlates to cleaner arteries. I certainly feel better than I ever have. I feel good about what I have done and talk to people about [Dr. Rath’s discoveries] every day. I think we are being led down the wrong path and that is why people need bypass [surgery] every 10 or 12 years and stints every couple of years. It just isn’t being corrected.

[My doctor] was absolutely amazed at how lipoprotein(a) could go down 50% because he had told me there is nothing they can do about lipoprotein(a). So I proved to them that it did work, and he was amazed. He said, “Now I have to put something in your file because you stopped your drugs.” I said, “That’s fine, you go ahead and put that in the file. Will you still keep me as a patient?” He said, “yes,” and we shook hands.


Arlene Eastlund

Diagnosis: High Cholesterol
Date of Diagnosis: May 2004

To Dr. Rath and Company:

This is a testimony to the profound value of the programs you offer to the world. My doctor was very alarmed at the steady increase in my cholesterol levels last year. I'm a 62-year-old woman, and my diet and lifestyle didn't match this problem. As I am a healthy eater, my doctor felt my liver was just one of those that overproduced cholesterol. She finally ordered me to be on Lipitor. I called my dear friend whose expertise I trust in the health arena, and she immediately sent me some [cellular nutrients]. I told my doctor that I was going to use [cellular nutrients], and she agreed to test me in a few months.

That was at the end of May last year. My cholesterol level at that time was 266, my HDL level was 92 and my LDL level was 163. In the beginning of October last year, I was tested again and my cholesterol level was 230, my HDL was 89 and my LDL level was 130.

Just a few weeks ago, I was tested again. I am sending you the results, which again are an improvement! My doctor is blown away and is calling your company for all the information to be sent to her. My friend and [cellular nutrients] have blessed me with added health years and a greater quality of life. God bless you on your mission. Thank God you are out there.

Arlene Eastlund


Mike Keyes

Diagnosis: High Cholesterol

As a 50-year-old, 260-pound ex-football player, my cholesterol has been as high as 400, but with the medication Lipitor it has stayed around 275-300. In addition, I am extremely active in the gym, working out 4-5 times weekly. (I am very dedicated to my health since my parents and grandparents died in their late 60s due to heart problems.) I was introduced to Dr. Rath’s cellular nutrients by my good friend Don Karn, as we both have daughters playing on the same soccer team.

I began using cellular nutrients in mid-November 2004. I also (without my doctor’s consent) stopped taking Lipitor. In mid-January, approximately 60 days after I began to use cellular nutrients, I had my blood tested for an insurance policy and the results were staggering:

  November4, 2004 January 15, 2005
Cholesterol 278 191
Triglycerides 337 255
HDL Chol 36 39
LDL Chol 175 102

I am officially off Lipitor and a full-time member of the Dr. Rath fan club. I continue to use cellular nutrients daily, and I look forward to my next blood test, as my insurance premiums reflect my new health status.

Blood test results submitted 2/05


Mike Keyes, III
Mission Viejo, CA


Muhammad Khan

Condition: High Cholesterol

My blood was tested in July 2002, and the report revealed that my cholesterol level was 279. I began taking cellular nutrients three times a day. I had read many books written by Dr. Rath, and I wanted to see for myself if cellular nutrients really worked. Over the next four months, I took [cellular nutrients], and I even intentionally consumed a diet high in fats and sugars. In January 2003, I received my second blood test and the report indicated that my cholesterol level had decreased from 279 to 179! With the exception of taking [cellular nutrients], I did not make any lifestyle changes.

Cellular nutrients worked for me! Thank you, Dr. Rath.

Reduction of Cholesterol and LDL After Six Months on Cellular Health Program (CHP)

Case 2 - High Cholesterol

The patient reported that he began using cellular nutrients in August 2002; cholesterol testing completed July 2002 indicated a cholesterol level of 279. After 5 months of using cellular nutrients and no other lifestyle changes, the patient report that his cholesterol level on testing in January 2003 had dropped to 179. Laboratory data indicated that he had also experienced a drop in LDL, despite an increase in triglycerides over this period (147 to 214). Thus, despite increased fat intake, nutrient synergy significantly improved the patient's cholesterol and LDL levels. He also reported improvement in eyesight significant enough to eliminate use of glasses for driving.

Cardiovascular Disease Testimonials

Heart Failure

Wayne B.

Age: 90 years
Diagnosis: Heart Failure
Date of Diagnosis: 2007

In 2007 Wayne had a stroke. He was 88 years then and was already battling with severe congestive heart failure. Before the stroke his heart was functioning at 20% of its capacity as measured by the ejection fraction. His daughter started him on Dr. Rath's nutrient regimen in 2007. Although he was not able to swallow the tablets she diligently continued to nourish him with the nutrients through his feeding tube. In summer 2008 his ejection fraction had improved to 40% and a year later in 2009, it went up to 83%.

Wayne is 90 years old now and while he continues to struggle with the disabilities due to his stroke, his daughter says he looks and feels much healthier considering his diagnosis. She is very excited to see her father’s improvement and is a firm believer in Dr. Rath's research and nutrients.


Irregular Heart Beat

Sandra DeMasi

Diagnosis: Premature Ventricular Contractions

I was diagnosed with this condition in 1996. I was misdiagnosed, until 2001. I had been to Temple University Medical Center. They all blew me off as this being pre-menopausal arrhythmia, but I was 45 and starting it, but then I was 51 and already through it, and I’m still dealing with it, so that’s not it.

I work at a plant as a medical transcriptionist where once I had to dial a Code Blue on myself.

The doctors had me on a number of medications.

They were treating me like it was a mental issue rather than a heart issue. So when the doctors in Westchester treated me, they said that they didn’t see anything, they did everything. When I went to Temple University, one of their top heart doctors missed the problem, because it’s there at a snap of a finger and then it’s gone. But then I went to see another doctor in 2001, who did a heart catheter on me and he said he didn't see anything, but he believed me, because he had seen someone who had the same symptoms. He sent me to Dr. Pennington, in 2002, and that’s how I met Dr. Pennington. Dr. Pennington looked at all the things they tried, and now they had me hooked on Clonipin. I was taking 9 milligrams a day.

Nothing worked.

Dr. Pennington did a complete cardiac workup on me. So then he did an ablation so that he could take a look. He told my husband that they gave me enough medication to knock out a gorilla, but it didn’t knock me out. So he wanted to ablate me again, this time he didn’t knock me all the way out, and it wasn’t completely successful, but he suspected that there might be another rhythm, so then he put an implanted loop monitor on me, which would record every heartbeat.

That’s how he caught my irregular heartbeat.

I have had my heart restarted a number of times.

Dr. Pennington put me on Toprol and I hated it. We tried other medications as well.

Eventually I found out about Dr. Rath. Louise at Nature’s Way told me about Dr. Rath. I called and talked to a doctor at Dr. Rath’s who explained to me how cellular nutrients work. She faxed me that information.

So after I started using Dr. Rath’s cellular nutrient recommendations, my irregular limits happened less. I don’t have the attacks as much now. None of the events that I have had have landed me in the Emergency Room.

I really like working with Dr. Pennington. He says that traditional methods and natural methods can work with one another.

I’m almost completely off my other medications because of taking cellular nutrients. I have more energy, and I am bothered much less with the irregular rhythms. Now I can get back to moving around, doing the vacuuming, everything. I could not do those things before. I can walk a mile. That’s huge. And I could not do those things before using cellular nutrients. I’m enjoying life more.

For at least three years, I tried the traditional route, and was about to go crazy and my health was very bad. Now, with Dr. Pennington’s help and with Dr. Rath’s cellular nutrient recommendations, I’m doing much better.

And I know that not all vitamins are the same. I tell my friends if they just go get whatever cheap vitamins, it’s like driving a cheap car, where cellular nutrients are the Mercedes. They work better. I have my brother trying cellular nutrients and my son and my neighbors.

I recommend cellular nutrients to my friends -- they would be such a fool if they didn’t try it.