Clinical Studies in High Blood Pressure


Several hundred million people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure, the most common of all cardiovascular conditions. In more than 90 percent of the cases, the diagnosis by conventional medicine is “essential hypertension,” that is, hypertension due to unknown causes. Conventional medicine is, therefore, largely confined to treating the symptoms of hypertension without correcting the primary underlying cause, which is a “spasm” of the blood vessel wall triggered by deficiency of specific bioenergy nutrients in millions of blood vessel wall cells.

Aim of the StudyAim of the Study

Numerous reports from patients following the cellular nutrient program have shown that this program can be effective in alleviating high blood pressure conditions. This pilot study was undertaken to confirm these reports. ...hide content

Study DesignStudy Design

Fifteen subjects diagnosed with high blood pressure, ranging in age between 32-69, took part in the study over a period of four months. The patients took a daily dosage of cellular nutrients, and they also continued to take the medication prescribed by their doctors.

The patients’ blood pressure was measured at bi-weekly intervals for the four-month period of the study to ensure complete documentation of the results. Blood pressure was measured both on the right and the left upper arm. The value of these measurements in each case was used for the evaluation of the efficacy of the vitamin treatment. ...hide content

Study ResultsStudy Results
High blood pessure graph
At the beginning of the study, all of the patients had elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure values. The average systolic blood pressure value at the beginning of the study was on average 167. The average diastolic blood pressure value was 97.

After 32 weeks of the study, the blood pressure of all patients improved. At the end of the study, patients had an average systolic blood pressure reading of 142 and an average diastolic blood pressure reading of 83. These readings were 15% and 16% lower, respectively, than the measurements taken at the beginning of the study. These results were achieved without any side effects.

The cellular nutrient program helped to normalize blood pressure without causing a too-low blood pressure situation. This is another advantage of nutrients over conventional medicine, where overdosing frequently leads to decreased blood circulation, dizziness, and other health problems.  ...hide content