Clinical Studies in Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a disease in which the subject hears ringing, whistling, knocking or similar sounds in the ears. The intensity of these sounds varies from light to unbearable. Quite often it leads to a significant hearing loss. Over 100 million people worldwide suffer from this hearing problem.

The origins of this disease are largely unknown to traditional medicine and, therefore, no therapy for its underlying causes exists. This “incurable” ringing in the ears may last for years or sometimes decades, and can lead to social isolation. Some patients find these sounds so unbearable that they are driven to suicide.

Aim of the StudyAim of the Study

This pilot study has been designed to scientifically document the effects of vitamin treatment therapy in patients suffering from tinnitus. This study was conducted in collaboration with Ear, Nose & Throat specialists. ...hide content

Study DesignStudy Design

A total of 18 patients, ranging in age from 44-85 years old and suffering from chronic tinnitus (ear ringing for more than three consecutive months), took part in the study. The patients took a daily dosage of specific vitamins for four months. They continued to take the medications prescribed by their physicians.

The patients’ hearing was measured at regular monthly intervals using a standard medical sound audiometer. The hearing improvement achieved after four months of following vitamin intake is documented below. ...hide content

Study ResultsStudy Results
After only four months of taking vitamins and other micronutrients, patients experienced the following hearing improvements:

1) In 30% of patients, hearing improved slightly (up to 10 dB).

2) In 45% of patients, hearing improved clearly ( up to10-20 dB).

3) In 25% of patients, hearing improved strongly (up to 20-50dB), which is near normal hearing ability.

More than three-fourths of the patients experienced at least some reduction in ear ringing. For more than 50% of them, ear ringing was significantly reduced or completely eliminated. ...hide content