Physician's Speak

Wong Ang Peng, M.D. 

Since May of 2003, I have used Dr. Rath's nutrient synergy recommendations as both adjunct and main modality in cancer patients and those who suffered from cardiovascular diseases.

The progress that my patients made has been the best of my 15 years of medical practice.

Among 200 cancer cases that I had, I lost 24 patients who came to me with stage IV of cancer, with more than one secondary and metastasis. The remaining cancer patients are doing very well. Their tumors went into full remission or became fibroid tumors.

In cardiovascular cases, the results are spectacular. In almost every case, I have seen improvements of varying degrees. In hypertension, osteo-arthritis, tinnitus, hyper-cholesterolemia, myocardial-infarction, and stroke cases, I observed the improvements within weeks or even days.

For my patients with diabetes, especially non-insulin dependent patients, I have seen very rapid response rates, usually within the first few weeks of treatment. In those patients, I have been able to gradually reduce their medications as well. In at least ten cases, patients that would have otherwise required amputation have been able to avoid that procedure by implementing Dr. Rath's nutrient synergy recommendations.

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Wong Ang Peng, M.D.
Wong's Nature Cure Center


Susan Garcia-Swain, M.D. 

I have several patients who have been on anti-hypertensive drugs for several years. After following Dr. Rath’s cellular health recommendations for a relatively short time (two, three, four months), they are off all anti-hypertensives and their blood pressure is well managed.

I have one patient who had a significant atrial fibrillation, having episodes probably once or twice a week that required conversion. He now rarely has an episode at all and he can easily convert it.

And then I have a couple that didn’t actually start the lipid reducing medication but their primary care physicians had recommended they do that. I had them do a trial of using Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations instead. Their lipids came down and they are no longer considered at risk there. Their lipids are within normal range.

Susan Garcia-Swain, M.D.
Sacramento, CA


Joseph C. Pennington, III, M.D. 

I have a patient who has a history of sinus node dysfunction for which she has undergone a sinus node modification and the implantation of a permanent pacemaker.

In addition, she has premature ventricular contractions, which to her are debilitating. I have been taking care of her for several years now and in general she has made a great improvement over where she was on our first meeting. She has incorporated Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations, and in conjunction with some of the work that I have done for her with the ablation, she has an overall sense of well-being.

Certainly, part of this is due to us controlling her heart rate response by modifying her sinus node and giving her a pacemaker, which will give her a more even heart rate.

But clearly, other aspects of her health are likely to have improved from the incorporation of Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations.

I will continue to encourage her to use Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations, as I feel that medicine can be a combination of holistic approaches, nutritional approaches and high technology catheter based approaches. For her, she has had a nice blend of these approaches and will continue to stay on this regimen.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts with you about my patient.

Joseph C. Pennington, III, M.D.
Wilmington, DE


Vic Herlacher, M.D. 

I had a medical practice specializing in internal and preventative medicine for twenty-three years. My focus was on prevention and dealing with the underlying root cause of the symptoms rather than tranquilizing, numbing or sedating them. During this time I observed many changes and restrictions, which made it impossible to practice medicine without compromising patient care.

Because of this, I left my medical practice and at the present time I do medical research on the Internet and write articles on preventative medicine. I have found significant scientific evidence supporting health benefits and prevention of disease by using key nutritional supplements.

A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and, needless to say, I was motivated to do extensive research on the underlying cause and treatment.

My wife was advised to have surgery, and I knew that chemotherapy such as Tamoxifen would be recommended even though a number of surveys show that chemotherapists have said they would not take chemotherapy themselves or recommend it for their families.

Chemotherapy drugs are toxic substances and known poisons and usually don’t cure cancer or extend life. They really do not improve the quality of life either.

Yet the use of chemotherapy or radiation for cancer can significantly impact the immune system and over a period of time have serious consequences.

During my research I had previously reviewed some of Dr. Matthias Rath’s scientific findings and found that the spread of cancer cells could be inhibited by using specific natural nutrients. This was very important since most of the cancer fatalities result from invasion of cancer cells into other organs and tissues.

My wife and I had visited Dr. Rath’s research facility in Fremont, California where we were able to meet with the research scientists and see for ourselves that a combination of L-lysine, Vitamin C, L-proline and EGCG which stops the spread of breast cancer cells 100%.

So in addition to focusing on making important dietary changes we started taking these natural cellular nutrients. By doing this we have minimized cancer recurrence but most important avoided harmful side effects that often accompanies conventional cancer therapy.

The synergistic combination of Vitamin C, Proline, Lysine and EGCG should be considered for anyone with the diagnosis of cancer.

When we realize that nearly 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year and since it is the number two cause of death, it is prudent for most of us to take proactive steps to prevent this disease through diet and by following Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations.

Vic Herlacher, M.D.
San Juan Capistranio, CA.


Frank Varese, M.D.

Dr. Rath is the best. I use Dr. Rath’s approach with many of my patients and the results are outstanding. He is tops. Many, many patients speak highly of him. I have met Dr. Rath personally and I think he is an outstanding person.

Frank Varese, M.D.
Dana Point, CA