Cardiovascular Disease Testimonials

Heart Failure

Wayne B.

Age: 90 years
Diagnosis: Heart Failure
Date of Diagnosis: 2007

In 2007 Wayne had a stroke. He was 88 years then and was already battling with severe congestive heart failure. Before the stroke his heart was functioning at 20% of its capacity as measured by the ejection fraction. His daughter started him on Dr. Rath's nutrient regimen in 2007. Although he was not able to swallow the tablets she diligently continued to nourish him with the nutrients through his feeding tube. In summer 2008 his ejection fraction had improved to 40% and a year later in 2009, it went up to 83%.

Wayne B Heart Failure

Wayne is 90 years old now and while he continues to struggle with the disabilities due to his stroke, his daughter says he looks and feels much healthier considering his diagnosis. She is very excited to see her father’s improvement and is a firm believer in Dr. Rath's research and nutrients.


Irregular Heart Beat

Sandra DeMasi

Picture of Sandra DeMasiDiagnosis: Premature Ventricular Contractions

I was diagnosed with this condition in 1996. I was misdiagnosed, until 2001. I had been to Temple University Medical Center. They all blew me off as this being pre-menopausal arrhythmia, but I was 45 and starting it, but then I was 51 and already through it, and I’m still dealing with it, so that’s not it.

I work at a plant as a medical transcriptionist where once I had to dial a Code Blue on myself.

The doctors had me on a number of medications.

They were treating me like it was a mental issue rather than a heart issue. So when the doctors in Westchester treated me, they said that they didn’t see anything, they did everything. When I went to Temple University, one of their top heart doctors missed the problem, because it’s there at a snap of a finger and then it’s gone. But then I went to see another doctor in 2001, who did a heart catheter on me and he said he didn't see anything, but he believed me, because he had seen someone who had the same symptoms. He sent me to Dr. Pennington, in 2002, and that’s how I met Dr. Pennington. Dr. Pennington looked at all the things they tried, and now they had me hooked on Clonipin. I was taking 9 milligrams a day.

Nothing worked.

Dr. Pennington did a complete cardiac workup on me. So then he did an ablation so that he could take a look. He told my husband that they gave me enough medication to knock out a gorilla, but it didn’t knock me out. So he wanted to ablate me again, this time he didn’t knock me all the way out, and it wasn’t completely successful, but he suspected that there might be another rhythm, so then he put an implanted loop monitor on me, which would record every heartbeat.

That’s how he caught my irregular heartbeat.

I have had my heart restarted a number of times.

Dr. Pennington put me on Toprol and I hated it. We tried other medications as well.

Eventually I found out about Dr. Rath. Louise at Nature’s Way told me about Dr. Rath. I called and talked to a doctor at Dr. Rath’s who explained to me how cellular nutrients work. She faxed me that information.

So after I started using Dr. Rath’s cellular nutrient recommendations, my irregular limits happened less. I don’t have the attacks as much now. None of the events that I have had have landed me in the Emergency Room.

I really like working with Dr. Pennington. He says that traditional methods and natural methods can work with one another.

I’m almost completely off my other medications because of taking cellular nutrients. I have more energy, and I am bothered much less with the irregular rhythms. Now I can get back to moving around, doing the vacuuming, everything. I could not do those things before. I can walk a mile. That’s huge. And I could not do those things before using cellular nutrients. I’m enjoying life more.

For at least three years, I tried the traditional route, and was about to go crazy and my health was very bad. Now, with Dr. Pennington’s help and with Dr. Rath’s cellular nutrient recommendations, I’m doing much better.

And I know that not all vitamins are the same. I tell my friends if they just go get whatever cheap vitamins, it’s like driving a cheap car, where cellular nutrients are the Mercedes. They work better. I have my brother trying cellular nutrients and my son and my neighbors.

I recommend cellular nutrients to my friends -- they would be such a fool if they didn’t try it.