Blood cancer (Leukemia)

Leukemia is a type of cancer which affects the bone marrow and is characterized by unrestrained proliferation of white blood cells. Its name “leukemia” means “white blood” since this cancer is characterized by a high number of white cells in the blood, many of which are immature or dysfunctional. 

There are many types of leukemias, many of which develop as an acute (most frequent form in children) or a chronic disease.

Different leukemias have been linked to different causes, such as exposure to ionizing radiation or chemicals such as benzene or tobacco smoke. It can also develop as a consequence of chemotherapy for previous malignacies or viral infections (HTLV-1 virus). Some develop in people with chromosomal abnormalities or other genetic abnormalities. read more...

Leukemia leads to the formation of metastatic colonies in other organs which requires a penetration of cancer cells through matrix barriers and blood vessel walls, a process mediated through MMPs

We investigated the effects of micronutrients on a number of human leukemia cells, including Adult T-cell leukemia (ATL), a fatal disease with an average survival time of less than one year, and  murine leukemia cells. In addition to using the micronutrient mixture we investigated the anti-cancer effects of some of its components individually, such as vitamin C, lysine and EGCG from green tea.

We have evaluated the effects of these micronutrients on limiting leukemia cancer cell growth, triggering the natural elimination of cancer cells by the induction of apoptosis (cell suicide), and decreasing cancer invasiveness by inhibition of  MMP secretion. In addition to the in vitro studies we also investigated the effects of micronutrient synergy on suppression of the tumor growth in nude mice.

Our results suggest that a specific combination of micronutrients containing vitamin C, Lysine, green tea extract rich in EGCG, and other natural components, is a promising new therapeutic agent for leukemia, and is a potential candidate for human trials. less

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Blood Cancer

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