Scientific Basis of Dr. Rath's Modern Approach to Health

These selected publications present Dr. Rath's scientific discoveries and the foundation of a new approach to heart diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and many other health problems. Among them a new understanding of an impact of a loss of vitamin C production by humans on their further development and susceptibility to certain diseases.

 A New Era in Medicine (1993)

Rath M. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 8:134-135.

This article proposes that, in contrast to the past, the 21st century will see the eradication of major diseases, such as CVD, and the establishment of nutritional medicine as an essential part of the healthcare system. Skepticism and bias against nutritional supplements will be replaced by acceptance of vitamins and essential nutrients as safe and affordable preventative and therapeutic agents, based on an objective scientific attitude towards nutrient medical research.
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Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease Leading the Way to the Abolition of This Disease as a Cause for Human Mortality (1992)

Rath M, Pauling L. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 7: 5-15.

In contrast to current therapeutic approaches, which target individual pathomechanisms or specific risk factors for CVD, this paper proposes a unified pathogenetic and therapeutic approach based on genetic, metabolic, evolutionary and clinical evidence - ascorbate deficiency. Chronic ascorbate deficiency leads to loosening of the connective tissue in the vascular wall and compensatory deposition of Lp(a) (lipoprotein(a)) and fibrinogen/fibrin.
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Plasmin-Induced Proteolysis and the Role of Apoprotein(a), Lysine, and Synthetic Lysine Analogs (1992)

Rath M, Pauling L. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 7:17-23.

Proteolytic degradation of extracellular matrix (ECM) by the protease plasmin is a universal mechanism, determining human health and disease. Under physiological conditions, this leads to cell migration and organ remodeling; under pathological conditions, to sustained degradation of the ECM, as associated with cancer and viral spread, as well as cardiovascular disease. In this paper, apoprotein(a), lysine and synthetic lysine analogs are discussed as inhibitors of plasmin-induced proteolysis and proposed as natural therapeutic options.
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Solution to the Puzzle of Human Evolution (1992)

Rath M. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 7:73-80.

This article discusses the rationale for the proposal that the underlying genetic precondition for the evolution of man was the loss of endogenous ascorbate production about 40 million years ago. This genetic mutation became the basis of the dramatic acceleration of human evolution and a quadruplication of the brain size in the recent 2.5 million years. Scurvy, the greatest threat to evolutionary survival of ascorbate-deficient man during the Ice Age, led to survival genetic features: Lp(a) for stabilizing the vascular wall and apo(a) to increased brain size, intelligence and fertility.
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 Solution to the Puzzle of Human Cardiovascular Disease: Its Primary Cause Is Ascorbate Deficiency, Leading to the Deposition of Lipoprotein(a) and Fibrinogen/Fibrin in the Vascular Wall (1991)

Rath M, Pauling L. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 6:125-134.

This article proposes that human cardiovascular disease is primarily a degenerative disease, resulting from the accumulation of lipoprotein(a), which is increased by low ascorbate concentrations. Ascorbate deficiency results from the inability of humans to synthesize endogenous ascorbate combined with an insufficient dietary ascorbate intake. Chronic ascorbate deficiency leads to extracellular accumulation of lipoprotein(a) and fibrinogen/fibrin, the hallmarks of the atherosclerotic lesion.
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Lipoprotein (a) Is a Surrogate for Ascorbate (1990)

Rath M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 87: 6204-6207.

The concept that lipoprotein(a) is a surrogate for ascorbate is suggested by the fact that this lipoprotein is found generally in the blood of primates and the guinea pig, which have lost the ability to synthesize ascorbate, but only rarely in other animals. Properties shared with ascorbate, in accordance with this hypothesis, are the acceleration of wound healing and of cell repair mechanisms, strengthening of extracellular matrix (as in blood vessels), and prevention of lipid peroxidation. Evidence supporting this hypothesis is discussed.
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Immunological Evidence for the Accumulation of Lipoprotein(a) in the Atherosclerotic Lesion of the Hypoascorbemic Guinea Pig (1990)

Rath M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 87: 9388-9390.

Atherosclerosis was induced in three guinea pigs by dietary ascorbate depletion. Using SDS/PAGE and subsequent immunoblotting, Lp(a) was identified as accumulating in the atherosclerotic plaque. Furthermore, adequate amounts of ascorbate (40 mg/kg body weight/day) prevented development of atherosclerotic plaques and accumulation of Lp(a). Guinea pigs were chosen for this study as, similar to humans, they lack endogenous ascorbate production.
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Speeches by Dr. Rath

Dr. Rath is a powerful and motivating speaker. He has traveled around the world to speak before public audiences and distinguished members of the medical community to explain the scientific foundation of Cellular Medicine. Dr. Rath has inspired hope in people battling cardiovascular disease and cancer that these and other chronic medical conditions can be controlled and even reversed with nutrients.

Select Dr. Rath Speeches

The Barletta Declaration: Making Natural Preventive Health a Human Right
Most recent outline of the basis of establishing a new health care system on a global scale.
Barletta, Italy (2014)  

Dr Rath Call to the People of Germany and Europe
Dr. Rath sends the appeal to the people of Germany and Europe to take responsibility for building a democratic Europe for the People and by the People. He describes how scientific research on natural remedies make it clear that the incidence of common diseases can now be reduced to a fraction of their current occurrence and explains the basis  of a new global health care system, based on the prevention and elimination of diseases.
Berlin, Germany (2012)

 Dr Rath “Movement of Life” lecture

DR. Rath explains how the fundamental forces of life and human dignity have shaped our world, how the Chemical Cartel made three attempts at world conquest and the historic role of the 'Movement of Life' as the basis for the liberation of mankind from its dependencies upon the Cartel.
Warsaw, Poland (2011)

Cancer Can Be Beaten Naturally 

Dr. Rath discusses his cancer research, which confirms cancer spread can be stopped with nutrients.
New York City, New York, 2002

An Open Interview with Dr. Rath
Almelo, The Netherlands

Health Is a Human Right
Dr. Rath discusses the movement that will lead to the liberation of human health worldwide.
Almelo, The Netherlands (1999)

The Pharma-Cartel Is Jeopardizing Your Health!

A historic presentation, in which Dr. Rath explains why the pharmaceutical industry wants a global ban on natural health therapies.
Chemnitz, Germany (1997)

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Vision for a New Health Care System

Dr. Rath’s breakthroughs in Cellular Medicine and vitamin research provide the scientific basis for building a new healthcare system, which will focus on disease prevention and allow people around the world to liberate themselves from pharmaceutical dependency.

Since the largest health epidemics, including heart disease and cancer, are the result of chronic deficiencies of essential nutrients in the cells of the human body they can become preventable by natural means. Many other health problems affecting people in the developing world and in other countries found their root causes in improper nutrition, environmental pollution and micronutrient deficiencies to which pharmaceutical approaches do not offer effective solutions. read more...

The health care change on a global scale has to include comprehensive health education, starting from a preschool age and including people of all age and education levels.  The health education should include all aspects important for maintaining health: knowing the function of a human body from the level of cells, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, healthy environment and many others.

Dr. Rath has dedicated his life work to establish a new healthcare system based on disease prevention and application of effective, safe and affordable natural health therapies as the basic measure in controlling various health pathologies. The various elements and roadblocks  leading to a new health care system has been described at the Dr. Rath Health Foundation website and its particular details outlined at numerous conferences and meetings with scientists, medical doctors, politicians and patients conducted over many years in many countries of the world. The most recent summary of this healthcare has been presented in the Barletta Declaration, a presentation by Dr. Rath in the Italian city Barletta, in December, 2014. less


Dr. Rath's Biography

Matthias Rath, M.D. is an internationally renowned scientist, physician and health advocate. His scientific discoveries in the areas of heart disease, cancer and other diseases are reshaping medicine. He is the founder of Cellular Medicine, the groundbreaking new health concept that identifies nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level as the root cause of many chronic diseases. 

Dr. Rath, born in Stuttgart, Germany, comes from a modest background. His parents were farmers who passed their humanitarian values on to their children. After graduating from medical school Dr. Rath worked as a physician and researcher at the University Clinic of Hamburg, Germany and the German Heart Center in Berlin. His research focused on the causes of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

In 1987, Dr. Rath discovered the connection between vitamin C deficiency and a new risk factor for heart disease - lipoprotein(a). After publication of these research findings in the American Heart Association journal “Arteriosclerosis,” Dr. Rath accepted an invitation to join two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. In 1990 he went to the United States to become the first Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Linus Pauling Institute in Palo Alto, California.

The two scientists became close personal friends who shared common humanistic values, including their determination for peace and justice. Shortly before his death in 1994, Dr. Pauling stated that Dr. Rath’s discoveries would later be seen among the most important of the 20th century.

At that time, Dr. Rath and Dr. Pauling contacted pharmaceutical companies in order to make sure that these discoveries were being implemented globally in order to save as many human lives as possible. Negotiations took place with executives of Hoffman LaRoche, the world’s largest manufacturer of vitamin C and other global pharmaceutical manufacturers. While acknowledging the research, all manufacturers contacted refused to support implementation of the discoveries for fear of competition with their in-house patented drugs.

In order to finance the scientific confirmation of these discoveries Dr. Rath decided to start his own research institute in concert with his long-time colleague, Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki. The Dr. Rath Research Institute in Santa Clara is financed today exclusively by people who have benefited from the research conducted and the natural health programs developed at the institute. Over the past decade the Dr. Rath Research Institute has become the leading institution of its kind in the world.

In order to distinguish himself from the profit-driven pharmaceutical investment business with diseases, Dr. Rath assigned all shares of his companies to a non-profit foundation. The revenues of the Dr. Rath Foundation are being used to support research and education in natural health and related humanitarian efforts.

After having been attacked for more than a decade from the stakeholders of pharmaceutical medicine, media and politics, his achievements are now being internationally recognized. Dr. Rath is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Heart Association and other professional scientific organizations, and he has recently been invited to serve as reviewer for several international scientific journals.

Throughout his struggle against special interests, Dr. Rath and his team was supported by patients and the public who early on had recognized the significance of his discoveries for their health. His popular health books “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks” and “Victory Over Cancer” have sold millions of copies in all major languages.