Clinical Studies in Atherosclerosis

The coronary arteries provide the primary blood supply to the heart muscle, and coronary heart disease occurs when the arteries become blocked by a buildup of, calcium, cholesterol, and other blood factors. This fatty buildup is medically referred to as atherosclerosis, and these deposits cause the arteries to narrow and stiffen. A sudden block of the blood supply to any area of the heart muscle can cause heart attack and death.

Aim of the StudyAim of the Study

The objective of this study was to determine the effect of a defined nutritional supplement program and specific nutrient synergy on the natural progression of coronary artery disease in 55 patients (50 men and 5 women) between the ages of 44-67 with coronary artery disease as documented by Ultrafast Computed Tomography. ...hide content

Study DesignStudy Design

The study focused directly on the key problem - the atherosclerotic deposit inside the walls of the coronary arteries. For this study, Ultrafast Computed Tomography (UCT) was used. UCT is a modern technique that allows the measurement of the size of coronary deposits non-invasively. The computer automatically calculates a deposit’s size by determining the Coronary Artery Scan (CAS) score. The higher the CAS score, the more calcium has accumulated, which indicates more advanced coronary heart disease. Changes in the size of the coronary artery calcifications in each patient were measured over an average period of one year without vitamin supplementation followed by one year with the vitamin program. In this way, the heart scans of the same person was compared before and after the vitamin program. This study design had the advantage of the patients serving as their own controls. ...hide content

Study ResultsStudy Results

During the course of the 12-month nutritional supplement program, the fast growth of coronary deposits was slowed during the first six months of the study and essentially stopped during the second six months. After one year of using the specific supplement program, the coronary deposits entirely disappeared, indicating on a natural healing process of the artery wall.

For the first time in medical history, the reversal of atherosclerotic deposits without bypass surgery, angioplasty, and medication was documented. The results of this remarkable discovery were published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition in 1996.

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