Job Opportunity

Are you bored or dissatisfied in your research job?

Are you ready to use your skills and experience to drive health innovation and conduct pioneering work in natural approaches to health?

We have an opening for research positions in cancer and cardiovascular disease projects!

Current Openings:

JOB TITLE:                                  Biological Technician

JOB DESCRIPTION:               Breeding, organizing and maintaining the transgenic mouse colony with direction from the Director of Research and Research of Associate; providing backup support for Hazmat Specialist by ordering supplies, preparing laboratory materials for experiment, labeling and organizing tubes and data lists; Maintaining health checks of mice, health maintenance of mice, cage hygiene and cleaning, weighing, genotyping, grouping, pairing and segregating mice, as well as general assistance with experiments as needed; researching on the effect of Vitamin C on atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s diseases on transgenic mice model; performing in vivo procedures on mice, including tail tipping, blood drawing, tissue collection, aorta harvesting and brain extraction; managing animal colony database and analyzed experiment data; conducting lab work, including ELSA, IHC preparation and analysis.

JOB REQUIREMENT:          Master’s degree in Animal Science, Biology or a related major.

JOBSITE:                                             Santa Clara, CA


Please send resume and cover letter or any inquiries about this position to: