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Our newly discovered benefits of natural compounds including

daidzein and inositol in controlling important mechanisms

associated with Alzheimer's disease and other brain pathologies.

Natural Compounds Modulate Apolipoprotein E Gene and Protein

Expression in Fibroblasts Derived from Young and Old Female Alzheimer’s Patients


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Clinical Support

Latest News


Diabetes Testimonials

Andrew N. Odoemenem

Condition: Diabetes
Medications: Insulin

Odoemenem Chart 071006I was suffering from complicated heart disease, the doctor in Houston Hospital described that one side of my heart was large, and that my heart was weak and will need heart replacement. I feared to go into heart replacement and therefore decided to change the hospital. After examination, I was booked for heart bypass. I had no choice than fight for my survival.

That was the time I walked in to a health food store and I picked all of Dr.Rath’s books. After reading all the books, I came to the conclusion that everything he said in the books is correct and applied to my case. I brought Dr.Rath’s Cellular Nutrients and started taking them.

Not up to a month, I started feeling well. I now juggle, walk miles, ride bicycle without any pain. I believe if I can continue up to six months, I will have a young man’s heart. I am 60 years old. My blood pressure used to be 156/96.

Odoemenem Blood Pres 071006Now, that I have started taking Dr.Rath’s Cellular Nutrients, the blood pressure has never exceeded 120/70 or 127/78. My pulse rate was formerly 56-60, now it is 65-70.

I also have diabetes. My blood sugar level used to read between 150-180. After I started using the Cellular Nutrients it came down to 125-130. My doctor lowered my insulin intake from 15/10 to 7/5. Now my blood sugar is even lower it is 90-105.

Since I have been on Cellular Nutrients, everyday marks a remarkable improvement in my health. Thanks to Dr.Rath.

Odoemenem Blood Suga 071006



Mary Bivins

Picture of Mary BivinsCondition: Diabetes

My name is Mary Bivins and I am 46 years old. Before I started taking cellular nutrients, I couldn't walk one flight of stairs. I couldn't do laundry that much, because I had to go downstairs to wash.

But about two weeks after I started taking, I could do all of that. I couldn't even walk to the store without getting tired. My fiancé was always telling me, "You don't walk with me." But now, every time he gets ready to go, I'm right there with him. I walk with him, and my mother sees I can walk up and down the stairs without getting tired.

She asked me what was I doing to do this and to get my energy back. [Cellular nutrients] help me a lot and I will continue to take them because they really help me.

When I first learned I had diabetes, I worked for a while and then I had to come off. I was having problems with my knees and my legs, but now everything seems to be better.


Richard Polk

Picture of Richard PolkCondition: Diabetes

I was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago. I didn't have the energy that I had before I started taking [cellular nutrients]. After I started taking them, I got more energy. I feel much better. I can move around much better. I can run. I can walk distances. I can walk a mile!