Phytobiology and Cellular Medicine

The ‘Journal of Phytobiology and Cellular Medicine’ is an international publication dedicated to providing innovative scientific information from all areas of natural health science. It focuses in particular on scientific and clinical advances documenting the health benefits of micronutrients and biologically active plant-derived molecules in general.

We introduced the term ‘Phytobiology’ for this new field of medicine which will revolutionize health care like few other scientific advances before. As opposed to ‘Phytochemistry’ that focuses on the isolation and characterization of  individual plant-derived molecules, read more...‘Phytobiology’ comprises the vastly expanding scientific field of understanding the biological synergies in the metabolism of plant cells and the application of this knowledge to advance human health. Phytobiology is an expansion of the field of Cellular Medicine, the study of micronutrient synergies at the cellular level.

phytobiology journalThe Journal of ‘Phytobiology and Cellular Medicine’ also addresses topics of health policies in relation to implementing this scientific knowledge into mainstream medicine.

We are convinced that this journal will promote human health by presenting scientificbadvances in this new field of medicine not only to the scientific and medical community but also to the growing number of patients and people interested in effective, safe and affordable approaches to health. less

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